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Derek Jeter smartly waits a day to speak about A-Rod

(Credit: Watchdog)

My original thought about Derek Jeter deferring Alex Rodriguez comments until Wednesday was that it was a strange strategy, in that it pretty much guaranteed at least one more day of A-Rod back pages.

But upon further review, the Yankees'/Jeter's approach makes sense, once you assume there was a good chance Thursday's back pages would have been related to Rodriguez regardless.

This way, barring something really juicy coming out Wednesday - always a possibility when it comes to A-Rod, of course - the Yankees get back pages built around Jeter's sober, rational, mostly supportive words, a story they can control perhaps trumping ones they can't.

Interesting. Appropriate to be doing public relations analysis here on the day of Joe Goldstein's funeral, I guess.

Photo: AP

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