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Did Bedford Falls truly benefit from George Bailey's life?

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Ya know how toward the end of NFL pregame shows, they throw it to on-site announcers but promise to keep talking for the benefit of the losers who only will get a late game?

This post is kind of like that.

Many of you will be checking out after today until Jan. 5 to celebrate the nation's annual, late-December, two-week holiday weekend - made more somber this year by the fact many people involuntarily will not be working.

As everyone knows, God created blogs to facilitate goofing off at work, so if you're not at work I assume you won't be reading. For those of you in that category, see ya, and Happy New Year.

As for the rest of us . . .

In solidarity with my working late-December brothers and sisters - especially football writers - yes, of course, I'll keep blogging. With most of the office deserted, what else do you have to do but read this stuff?

For now I'll leave you with this bit of holiday cheer that poses a fascinating question: Would Bedford Falls have been better off in the long run if George Bailey never had been born?

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