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Digger Phelps: eight games Saturday, eight Sunday

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Say what you will about Bob Knight, one of the subjects of my Sunday newspaper column, but this much is clear:

On his first day on the job, he became a more coherent, insightful studio analyst than his old pal Digger Phelps, who has been at it for well over a decade.

Here is Digger's take on the first round on SportsCenter Friday night:

"I think the signal was yesterday, when we saw Belmont give Duke a battle, and that to me said that anybody in this tournament, if you're live, if you're playing anybody, we saw it happen in Tampa, with two 12s and two 13s, 'Give it to me.'

"And I think that's what you're seeing now is that hey, anything happened this past weekend. We've seen 16 games yesterday, 16 games today. What's the story? Twelves and 13s, that's the story line. Where? Tampa.

"So what's going to happen now? We set up tomorrow to see who's going to end up in the Sweet 16 with Saturday and Sunday's games, coming to eight games each day."

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