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Do not eat shrimp if you want to hit home runs . . . I think

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I took the day off from blogging Saturday but got myself back into the spirit Sunday morning watching Stan Verrett co-anchor the late SportsCenter.

Stan kept me on my toes by dishing one non sequitur after another, just to make sure I was paying attention.

One home run highlight prompted this: "That's why I don't eat shrimp." Another long shot was said to be headed toward Wisteria Lane. (Home of the Desperate Housewives.)

A nice catch by Georgia second baseman Sojourner Moody prompted a weird reference to Sojourner Truth, the abolitionist and women's rights advocate. Then before a lacrosse highlight, Stan said something about his mother warning him not to run with scissors.

It got me to thinking how Newsday should spice up its coverage with throwaway lines that may or may not make sense.

Like this:

Johnny Damon's inside-the-park home run - Fahrvergnügen! - broke a tie game in the bottom of the ninth inning - Chicken cacciatore is best with a nice chardonnay! - to give the Yankees an 8-7 victory last night - Why do fools fall in love? - over the visiting Boston Red Sox at Yankee Stadium - rutabaga!

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