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Dolphins edged Chiefs in 2OT in '71 McNabb Bowl

(Credit: Watchdog)

Speaking of Christmastime sports . . . Jack Johnson's victory (see below) probably should have been No. 1 on SportsCenter's list of Top 10 historical events from Dec. 24-26, but I still was happy to see the 1971 Chiefs vs. Dolphins double-overtime playoff game come out on top.

I remember it well, with my mother repeatedly yelling at me that it was time to leave her cousin Lenny's house and me repeatedly telling her the game would be over soon.

Lenny later died of Lou Gehrig's Disease.

Click below for more leftover observations from the holiday TV week.

(WatchDog kudos to the first to identify the guy in the picture.)After dozens of viewings of "The Honeymooners" Christmas episode, it never before had occurred to me that perhaps the "Seinfeld" character Uncle Leo is named in honor of the Uncle Leo who gives Ralph and Alice a $25 gift certificate on Christmas Eve.

How about it, Jerry? I assume you read the blog. Is there a connection?

Also, as other scribes have noted this week, it's impossible not to look at "It's a Wonderful Life" differently in the wake of what has happened in the economy in general this year and in the real estate market in particular.

Let's put it this way: Mr. Potter still is as mean as ever, but maybe he's onto something.

Check out this fellow's take (scroll to bottom).

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