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Don Imus, Warner Wolf, Karith Foster, Pacman Jones

(Credit: Watchdog)

Monday's Imus brouhaha was a bolt out of the blue, and out of the past, a reminder of those heady days of 2007, when Imus fans helped make WatchDog the worldwide new media sensation it is today.

Here is the story about it to which I contributed in Tuesday's newspaper, and here is a story about Imus addressing the matter this morning.

After Imus explained himself, Warner Wolf weighed in and reiterated what he told me Monday night, which was somewhat different from what Imus himself said.

Imus said he was making a statement about blacks being unfairly targeted for arrest. Wolf's interpretation was that Imus was making a satirical joke about blacks in serious legal trouble crying racism, a point seconded this morning by Karith Foster, a member of Imus' cast.

Either way, it certainly seems unlikely that Imus was saying black people are more prone to get into or cause trouble than others. He's not a moron. Right?

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