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Earl Weaver not a huge fan of Terry Crowley

(Credit: Watchdog)

Holy cow. Several readers have alerted me that while I was busy tracking SNY's reaction shots of Willie Randolph Wednesday night, hilarity was occurring on YES.

In the top of the third inning, after a shot of Orioles batting coach Terry Crowley, a tape of an infamous old Earl Weaver rant about Crowley could be heard over Ken Singleton's commentary. It could be heard even better when a stunned Singleton stopped talking.

"Terry Crowley is lucky he's in ---- baseball, for Christ's sake," Weaver said. "He was released by the Cincinnati Reds, he was released by the . . . "

At that point Michael Kay started talking and Weaver's voice faded out as another round of profanities was about to come along.

(I'd love to link to the audio of Weaver's original, complete rant, seemingly tongue in cheek, but there are way, way too many naughty words. Find it yourself.)

Dear YES Network public relations department: I guess I needn't even bother calling you on this one. Call me when you're ready to explain. And thanks for the laugh!

(Unrelated tangent: I feel bad for A-Rod that he lost a chance to gain further on Barry Bonds last night. But I feel good about the fact the events of the past week finally will (should?) make limited replay review for home run calls a no-brainer in 2009.)

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