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Eric Bruntlett, Johnny Neun forever paired

Nice job by SNY's Gary Cohen capturing the bizarreness of the Phillies-Mets finish Sunday, after which he speculated - wrongly, it turned out - that it might be the first time in major league history a game ended on an unassisted triple play.

We now know it happened once before, of course, by Johnny Neun in 1927.

Later Sunday, ESPN's Jon Miller said he knew Neun personally and recounted the details of the former Tiger's triple play, which - interestingly - came as a first baseman.

Miller also told of how Neun milked the moment for the rest of his long life in baseball, including 14 games as the Yankees' manager in 1946.

This was after Miller had corrected his partner, Joe Morgan, when Morgan recalled working the game that featured the previous game-ending unassisted triple play.

In fact, Morgan presumably was recalling one from a 2003 Sunday night game by Rafael Furcal, who achieved the feat in the fifth inning.

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