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Erin Andrews peeping creep to plead guilty

The peeper creep who videotaped Erin Andrews without her knowledge is planning to plead guilty, and presumably is headed to prison.


Speaking of Ms. Andrews, it has been fascinating to observe the famously lawless blogosphere essentially close ranks since the Andrews video first surfaced and decide to leave the former page views queen alone in recent months.

We did owe it to her, but it's difficult to get bloggers to agree on anything, let alone intentionally holding back on page views gold.

Elsewhere in ESPN / blogosphere news, Rick Reilly has co-hosted the late SportsCenter the past two nights and has taken a beating on Twitter, blogs and elsewhere on the Internet.

I didn't think he was awful, but his image has suffered so much damage - much of it deserved - since he signed that self-described "ridonkulous" contract to leave SI for ESPN that these days it often seems he can do no right in the eyes of his critics.

Back to the decade in review lists.

Speaking of which . . . yes, I know the decade technically doesn't end until Dec. 31, 2010. I tried to make that point to the boss and lost. Deal with it.

Photo: AP

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