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Erin Andrews story dominates Web. Why? Need you ask?

A feminist suffrage parade in New York City,

A feminist suffrage parade in New York City, 1912. The movement for women's voting rights in the United States was fought state by state. (Credit: Courtesy of Library of Congress)

Here's something I wrote for the newspaper about the Erin Andrews saga that got held for space reasons:

At 3 p.m. Thursday, the most searched item on Google was “Michelle Beisner.’’

Who? Turns out she is an attractive young woman who happened to be mentioned in a FoxSports.com column about . . . what else? Erin Andrews.

Andrews’ weeklong domination of the Google Trends list has been both disturbing and fascinating to behold, and will provide material for media professors for years.

But other than finding and punishing the person who illicitly videotaped her, there is not much left to this story once the ongoing ogling finally winds down.

The only good to come of it has been some interesting commentary and introspection amid all the knee-jerk bloviating.

Among the best was a column by Viv Bernstein on True/Slant that gets to the heart of the matter: That women continue inevitably to be viewed by men through the prism of their looks.

Andrews is “punished for being pretty’’ while Bernstein is “punished for not being pretty,’’ she wrote, adding, “It’s 2009. Why are women still being treated like this?’’

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