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ESPN allows West to feel like part of United States

Historic moments during the current WatchDog hiatus:

Rieber broke my 11-month-old Newsday blogging record for single-day posts Monday.

Let's just hope that in future years more sophisticated testing doesn't reveal I still have the "clean" posting record. Rieber is a role model for young people, and we don't want to shatter their image of him.

And ESPN debuted its Los Angeles-based late SportsCenter after years of planning and decades of whining from west of the Rockies about East Coast media bias in general and ESPN's East Coast media bias in particular.

Kobe Bryant in a video welcome: "Mi casa es su casa."

I like the idea. Why not throw California a bone, after all these years of having to get up early to watch NFL games and of going to Warriors and Clippers games?

Along those lines, ESPN wisely went with A's-Angels as its second baseball highlight of the show, then Dodgers-Padres for the third.

The first? Duh! Yankees-O's.

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