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ESPN Classic shows rodeo, not Game 6 from 2002

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OK, after this post I promise to get off this topic, but . . .

ESPN Classic is a sleepy back alley of the Bristol Empire, but imagine how many people would have watched on a quiet Monday night if it had shown Game 6 of the 2002 Western Conference finals.

Of course, that was the game notorious at the time for its questionable officiating and even more so now that Tim Donaghy invoked it as part of his legal defense.

ESPN does have the rights to it. So why not show it?

“Our programming on Classic has and continues to focus on the NBA Finals,’’ a spokesperson said. But last night’s prime time offerings included boxing, “American Gladiators’’ and rodeo.

ESPN clarified by saying it meant whatever NBA-related programming appears during the Finals relates to the NBA Finals.

Hmm. Is it possible another factor is that if ESPN rubbed the NBA’s nose in it by showing that game, the steam coming out of David Stern’s ears would fog up the camera lenses for Game 6 Tuesday night?

Just wondering.

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