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ESPN has wardrobe malfunction

Official WatchDog take on ESPN suspending Tony Kornheiser for two weeks for making fun of Hannah Storm's wardrobe:

It's excessive. A reprimand and apology would have sufficed, IMHO.

Did Ms. Storm - a tough, strong-minded veteran of the sports media wars - really need the gallant knights in the ESPN executive offices to come to her rescue?

No. No more so than John Kruk would have if Kornheiser had said he looks like a badly dressed Shrek after a long weekend in Vegas.

I realize there are larger societal issues here, and that there are good reasons why it is more socially acceptable for people to make fun of a man's appearance and/or clothing than it is to critique a woman.

It's because women are judged on their appearance - by both males and by other females - far more than men are.

So Kornheiser absolutely should have apologized, which he did. But two weeks for a little needling on a local radio program hosted by a famous sportswriter/comedian?

That's two weeks too many. 

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