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ESPN turns off 3D

An LG three-dimensional smart television is partially seen

An LG three-dimensional smart television is partially seen earlier this year through a pair of 3-D glasses during the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. (Jan. 11, 2012) (Credit: Getty Images)

Fans over age 8 or so might recall the 3D TV fad of 2009 and ‘10, during which several sports marked milestones with their first-ever live, 3D telecasts, a period during which I wore a variety of unflattering glasses in public.

Well, all that appears to be over now, with the news Wednesday that ESPN will discontinue its 3D channel by the end of the year, citing lack of interest.

Someday 3D sports might come back, perhaps when they figure out a way for the effect to be noticeable from high camera angles, perhaps when they find a way for me not to look ridiculous in glasses over my regular glasses.

Unfortunately the 3D de-emphasis wasn’t the only ESPN cutback news of the week. The hugely profitable network has been trimming staff, a process that Wednesday claimed long-time researcher Howie (Stump the) Schwab.

Schwab took to Facebook to announce his fate, prompting an outpouring of support.

“I always did everything asked of me and more,’’ he wrote. “What did I get in return today . . . word that I should get lost.’’

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