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ESPN wins media sweepstakes to out A-Rod's cousin

(Credit: Watchdog)

If you had ESPN at 15-to-1 in The Big Lead's pool on what media outlet would find A-Rod's Cousin Itt first, you win!

In retrospect, it would have been a good bet, what with ESPN's vast resources, including ESPN Deportes. Anyway, here it is. America, meet Yuri Sucart.

After reading Davidoff's piece today on the sprawling cast of characters in A-Rod's life, it should come as no surprise one of them is a cousin we never had heard of who was so close to him he was authorized to inject stuff into his private areas.

(By the way, an A-Rod associate who fits the description in the ESPN.com article has been seen around Rodriguez and the Yankees on road trips in recent seasons, so even if the steroids are out of his life, his cousin apparently isn't.)

I'll say this for Alex Rodriguez: So far most of his (most recent) account of his PED past has checked out, from the mysterious relative - remember, a number of cynics speculated he might have made up the whole cousin thing - to the fact steroids are easily obtainable in the Dominican Republic.

One more media thing from this week's A-Rod Mania. The Post's headline Wednesday, accompanying a picture of Rodriguez' teammates watching his news conference, was one of the best back pages heads of the decade: "WE'RE WITH STUPID."

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