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ESPN Zone competitors poised to flop into comfy chairs

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On New Year's Eve, 1980, I was in Times Square with a group of college friends. After midnight we realized one of us was missing. We were concerned, as he was a bumpkin from western Massachusetts who was unfamiliar with the ways of the big city.

We never did find him until late the next morning.

If that happens to you and you have nothing else to do at 11 a.m. Tuesday, feel free to stop by the ESPN Zone to observe its "Ultimate Couch Potato" event.

The object of the game is to see who can watch the most continuous hours of sports from a comfy chair and perhaps break the world record of 69 hours, 48 minutes.

Contestants can order unlimited food and beverages, but sleeping is not allowed, and only one restroom break is permitted every EIGHT hours. So basically these people are doing for fun what I do every day for my job, except I get more frequent bathroom breaks.

The finalists are Lindsay Wagenblast, 20, of Edison, N.J., hometown of Newsday baseball columnist Ken Davidoff; Nate Lopez, 28, of Queens, N.Y., hometown of Tony Bennett; Peter Beljakovic, 37, of Brooklyn, N.Y., hometown of Joe Paterno; and Stan Friedman, 46, of Manhattan, N.Y., hometown of Lou Gehrig.

(Update: Just got an e-mail from the aforementioned bumpkin, who is alive and well and living in Wisconsin, I believe. He claims he was a "survivor" who had things under control all the while.)

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