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First Sarah Palin, now Stuart Scott: '80s video fun!

(Credit: Watchdog)

You didn't really think I'd leave you for the weekend with that Tiki Barber post below, did you?

No siree. Instead, here is some amusing video of the pre-ESPN Stu Scott via Deadspin.

You have to feel for Stu and Sarah Palin and everyone else who left a video trail during the bad hair days of the 1980s. (Stu's hair is fine, but there are other people not as fortunate in this clip.)

That's the beauty of being a print reporter. You can read embarrassing stuff I wrote in my 20s, but I dare you to find video evidence of my days with hair. Maybe I had a mullet. Who knows?

OK, I'm really done now.

Enjoy the Tony Danza "CenterStage" on YES at 10 p.m. Sunday.

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