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Fox and friends kept in dark about Bud Selig's new rule

(Credit: Watchdog)

Bud Selig admitted on SportsCenter Tuesday night that in retrospect it probably would have been a good idea to inform Fox's Joe Buck and Tim McCarver - and thus the rest of America - that he had changed the rules of baseball and that the Phillies never really were in position to win the World Series Monday night in a rain-shortened game.


Um, yeah, Bud, that would have been a very good idea, as opposed to forcing your TV partners to unintentionally mislead viewers about an unfolding drama that it turns out did not exist.

Oy. Whatever. Wednesday should make for some very interesting baseball drama . . . and maybe, just maybe, add a little juice to this very strange World Series.

Speaking of the strangeness, thanks to our friends at The Final Score for tipping us off to the quirk that allowed people who wagered on the Phillies in Game 5 to win, even if the Phillies don't.

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