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Fox in Afghanistan, Agassi on drug use, Millen on NFL Network

Random programming notes:

Fox's NFL pregame show Sunday will originate from an undisclosed military base in Afghanistan.

Also in recognition of Veterans Day, ESPN's pregame show will sit down with Pat Tillman's widow, Marie, for her first TV interview since his death.

Katie Couric will sit down with Andre Agassi on "60 Minutes" Sunday and ask him about criticism - including from Martina Navratilova - in the wake of his recent admission in a book that he used drugs.

"I had a problem, and there might be many other athletes out there that test positive for recreational drugs that have a problem," he said. "So I would ask for some compassion."

The NFL Network begins its Thursday night slate with the Bears against the 49ers, featuring new analyst Matt Millen.

Millen on whether his failure as a Lions executive taints his credibility as an analyst:

"I just stick with the game and stick with what's going on the field and talk about that; that's all I can do. The rest of it is all somebody else's opinion. If there's credibility, there's credibility. But that can only be given from you, not from me. That's how I approach it."

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