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Fox's Michael Strahan suggests Giants ditch Shockey

jemele.htmSo sorry about lack of blogging today. I really needed to get out of the basement, so I went to Fox's news conference introducing Michael Strahan as the newest member of its pregame cast.

You can read all about it by buying Newsday Wednesday or by reading Newsday.com and clicking on a bunch of ads. We really need the dough. Thanks.

To whet your appetite, click below for Michael's comments when I asked him about Jeremy Shockey. Interesting stuff.Here's Michael:

"It’s a situation where he doesn’t want to be here; he doesn’t want to play here. That’s obvious with everything that’s going on. I don’t think you really gain much by keeping a guy around, regardless of how well he plays for you, there’s always that tension and that’s one thing you can’t have if you’re expected to go back and repeat and have a team that’s going to get everything you expect out of them.

"You can’t have that tension. You have to have guys there who are happy to be there, not someone who is there and doing his job and no doubt he’d do his job very well, but you just don’t need that extra in the locker room, especially since he is one of the older guys, one of the leaders. You don’t need that out of one of your leaders.

"So I think the best thing for them and for Shockey is if they have the opportunity, let him go. You read the paper; you know it’s like that. I’m not telling you anything that’s a secret. He doesn’t want to be there."

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