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Fox Sports displeased with Mike Francesa's TV show

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Sorry for lack of posts today, but our blogging platform has gone from slow to unreliable to non-functional.

Before I give up for the day, wanted to sneak in an update on a story that has mushroomed way beyond what I first thought possible, and clogged my inbox with impassioned commentary.

Here is my Tuesday newspaper story about Fox Sports' angry reaction to WNBC's "Mike'd Up" using un-aired footage of an embarrassing interview gaffe by a Fox sideline reporter on the show Sunday night.

Francesa apparently was unaware the video had not been seen on the air, which would have made it fair game in the long tradition of TV news bloopers. But it was not, which made it unfair game, and for which Ch. 4 has apologized to Ms. Sargent.

Understandably, she was horrified by the attention it got Monday. Here is an excerpt from a radio interview she gave Dan Patrick today.

Fox managed to expunge video of Sunday's boo-boo from most (but not all) Internet locations, but there also is video out there of Sargent using an expletive on ESPN a couple of years back.

I now will spend the afternoon responding to the people who have emailed me on this subject, whose takes range from ripping Francesa for being mean, to ripping Sargent for being clueless, to, um, both.

(UPDATE: Here is the complete audio of the interview with Patrick, via Awful Announcing.)

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