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Fox' Tim McCarver: 'Shea was old when it was new'

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The Indians-Yankees tilt on Fox Saturday will commence at 3:30 p.m. rather than the customary 4, because Fox has a NASCAR race to show that evening.

I spoke to Fox analyst Tim McCarver earlier in the week about the two new New York baseball stadiums. Click below for some of his thoughts, including this:

"Shea was old when it was new, and the old Yankee Stadium never got old."

Photo: APMcCarver said he usually does not get sentimental about stadiums.

"To me stadia, just bare stadia, it's not that they have no meaning to me, but the games are the things that are fascinating for me. Just a stadium by itself is not that big a deal."

McCarver said the two games he will remember most from old Yankee Stadium are Games 4 and 5 of the 2001 World Series. "Those two games stand out as two of the great back-to-back games in the history of the game," he said.

McCarver said Fox would show fans around the new park in the Bronx as the first national broadcast network to showcase it.

"That’s natural, normal," he said. "It’s more than just a game nine or 10 days into the season. It’s more than just doing the game."

McCarver on the Yankees: "The pitching staff coming in is very strong. Every team faces question marks, and the best way to erase those question marks is with a strong starting rotation. The Yankees on paper have a strong starting rotation . . . I picked the Red Sox and Tampa Bay to finish one and two, but who cares what you pick?"

On whether the Yankees' aura, including their status as a team most of the rest of America loves to hate, is good for the game:

"Yeah, I think it’s great for the game. I think it’s great for the city. The Yankees never disappoint. They do it the right way, whether it’s a new stadium or a good ballclub or spending what it takes."

Any feelings about Shea Stadium being a pile of rubble?

"I’m glad it’s gone. That’s something you can’t say with such finality about Yankee Stadium. But you can certainly say that about Shea, and good riddance . . . Shea was old when it was new and the old Yankee Stadium never got old. You could have gone on and on and on with the old Yankee Stadium. You could not have done that with Shea."

McCarver said his only scheduled game at Citi Field is June 20 against the Rays.

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