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Francesa and Russo get dough; WatchDog gets pie

(Credit: Watchdog)

I am deeply appreciative of the many phone calls, e-mails and blog comments I have received congratulating me for being right back in June about the likely breakup of the "Mike and the Mad Dog" show.

You win some and lose some in this business, and I'll do plenty of both in the coming years, so I'll take the props when I can get them.

Still, unlike Mike Francesa and Chris Russo, who came out of all this with millions of dollars apiece, I had no tangible reward for my part in the drama . . . until yesterday.

Jay, the best pizza maker in my town and a loyal reader of the blog, was so impressed with my scoop he comped the WatchDog family for its large margherita pie Sunday. (Plus two pepperoni slices and three garlic knots.)

NOW I feel like I actually accomplished something.

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