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Friday column on Boomer, Carton already stirring passion

(Credit: Watchdog)

Well, that didn't take long!

Minutes after my Friday newspaper column about Boomer Esiason and Craig Carton was posted on the Web site, there already were two comments ripping me for not ripping them.

I expected that, even though I did my best to write an even-handed article mostly from their point of view, with only mild comments from me one way or the other.

Why? Because I don't hate the show, and find it amusing often enough to be worth tuning in, at least in small doses. And evidently it has its share of fans, based on the early ratings figures.

Whatever. Check back all day Friday for more of the same from readers getting on my case, as well as posts with additional material from Boomer and Carton that didn't make the newspaper cut, plus Carton's reponse to Sid Rosenberg ripping him in WatchDog a few weeks back.

Good night!

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