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Obviously, the debate I tried to start Sunday comparing the Yankees' ALCS collapse in 2004 with the Rays' near-ALCS collapse in 2008 would have been more interesting if Tampa Bay actually had lost Game 7.

But I thought it was an intriguing topic. So did loyal reader Jeff, apparently. Click below for his detailed and impassioned take on the subject.

All comment posters should take this kind of time and effort in sharing their thoughts with WatchDog Nation. Jobs, families and leisure activities are no excuse, people.Thanks again, Jeff. Here goes:

Thanks, Neil. When I saw Steve Harvey on at 8 pm, I figured the game must somehow be on some other station tonight. I suspected there was some kind of local pre-emption going on. So I tried FOX, ESPN and basically went through every other channel, finally gave up and went out for then night thinking how on earth was this game not being televised at all!? So, I missed the game but am glad you clarified what happened.

As for the collapse question, it's not even debatable. The Yankees were up 3-0. Three to ZERO. That's a deficit never come back from in baseball history. So 3-1 and 3-0 is a world of difference right there.

But that's only just the beginning. How quickly we forget that although in retrospect the 2004 Yankees were a part of what we now see as the era of their demise, at THAT time they were still part of what was considered the dynasty era. This was the year after Aaron Boone, for gdsakes. The Yankees were defending AL Champs and were embarrassing the Red Sox yet again. The Ruthian ghosts were still there. Aaron Boone was just the latest torturous episode for Red Sox fans. And, down 3-0, yet another episode was about to transpire. No one, not even Sox fans really truly believed --even down to mid-game 7-- that the Sox would actually win. Everyone was waiting to see not who would win game 7, but HOW the Yankees would somehow pull out Game 7 and find yet another way to embarrass and dissapoint Red Sox nation (though it wasn't really called that yet, was it?).

We forget the details all too quickly, Neil.

The Red Sox are defending Wold Champions here. The Red Sox are the Dynasty now. Dynastic teams can come back from 3-1 down. That's what makes them Dynastic. Losing to the defending champs is not a choke. Losing to a Dynasty is not a choke. You're just the Rays. These are the Sox. These are the guys who already dethroned the evil empire, down 3-0. This is the new Empire. They are the favorites on any single day. Meaning, they can easily beat any other team 3 straight games.

No comparison. I think you'd be better off comparing Mets collapses. Oh, not just '07 and '08, but people also seem to forget perhaps the Mets worst collapse of all under Bobby V., when they lost their last 5 games of the season and were eliminated on the final day to get knocked out of the playoffs. To me that season was far, far worse than '07 and '08. Surprises me that no one ever mentions it.

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