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Friday comment contest winner

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This week's Friday comment contest winner is reader "Casey," with an honorable mention to a followup by "LM," for putting their fingers on a thread that runs through "The Yankee Years," Joe Torre's new book with Tom Verducci.

Wrote Casey, in response to one of my many posts about the book: "Did the 'old-guard Yankees' like anyone other than each other?"

LM added: "Maybe Torre and the 'old guard' has something to do with the declining chemistry problem," and he noted Mike Mussina's comments in the book suggesting some of those late 1990s heroes perhaps aren't what they used to be.

Said Moose of Mariano Rivera: "As great as he is, and it's amazing what he does, if you start the evaluation again since I got here, he has accomplished nothing in comparison to what he accomplished in the four years before. He blew the World Series in '01. He lost the Boston series [in '04]. He didn't lose it himself but we had a chance to win in the ninth and sweep them, and he doesn't do it there."

Yikes. It's probably a good thing Mussina retired rather than encounter Rivera in the locker room in 2009. (Mussina has a point, to a point, but did he see the final few innings of the '03 ALCS?)

Oy. It's a tangled, tangled web.

Photo credit: Getty Images did a fine job capturing this image of Derek Jeter's friend Minka Kelly.

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