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Friday comment contest winner

Sammy Baugh holding Football Trophies, head coach of

Sammy Baugh holding Football Trophies, head coach of the Titans of New York from 1960-1961. (Credit: AP)

This week's winner is Bill Viggiano of Williston Park for a nostalgic email in response to this post, in which I quote Sammy Baugh talking about the Polo Grounds in a Showtime series on the history of the AFL.

Timeliness bonus: Baugh coached the Jets when they were called the Titans, and the current Titans Sunday make their final regular-season visit to Giants Stadium.

Here is Bill's note:

I saw your article on the Polo Grounds and Sammy Baugh's comment of,  "Worst damn place I ever saw. Made me sick just to walk onto the field" and it really brought back some memories for me.

As an 18 year old in 1960 I got a job at the Polo Grounds and was on the original ground crew for the Titans. After the baseball Giants left they tried  dirt track stock car racing and soccer and the field was just a mess.

There  were about eight of us on this rag tag of a ground crew. It was the most physical work I think I have done to this day but mingling with some  of the players after practice was, as you can guess, an 18 year old sports fan's dream. I honestly can say "I loved my job."

If "Slingin' Sammy" knew the condition of that field in the summer of 1960 prior to his arrival perhaps he would have given the playing field a little respect if not the stadium.

As you watch the subsequent episodes on Showtime you will now know a little behind the scenes story of the field at the Polo Grounds. Thanks for listening.

Photo: AP

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