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Friday comment contest winner

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This week's award goes to frequent commenter and fellow former Alaskan "Islander505" for his reponse to this sentence in Sean Salisbury's exit statement from ESPN:

"I have created a brand and it’s time to expand into other opportunities in TV, radio, Internet, publishing, movies and public speaking, among others."

Click below for Islander505's comment, which references one of the most fondly remembered (and truly gross, now that we look back on it) dinner treats of the baby boomer era.I'm a little concerned with this whole Salisbury "Brand" concept.

Before Salisbury steaks his claim to it, he better clear up any potential copyright infringements with the Swanson TV dinner people who have a few decades of "brand" loyalty and goodwill established among the trailer park, barcolounging, tube of life market segment based on their own "Salisbury" brand.

(Hey, at a buck a piece, I'm good for a couple every once in awhile--know what I mean?).

And let's not forget about the potential impact on Nassau County's largest park.....renamed Eisenhower, but always known to old-timers as Salisbury Park.

Simply put, a case could be made that Sean is piggybacking the goodwill of other "Salisbury" brands to further his own success.

I'd be very careful Mr. Salisbury.......

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