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Friday comment contest winner

In a week in which New York welcomed - and whined about - two brand new baseball stadiums, the commenting highlight was the discussion inspired by this post about Dave Howard's appearance on WFAN, in which he explained the technical reasons behind Citi Field's already notorious views from some parts of the upper deck in left.

It includes a back-and-forth between reader "jestaplero" and me regarding whether I am or am not a "corporate shill" for the new stadiums.

But the commenting award goes to reader "13,000 Less Affordable Seats" for his or her breakdown of the situation at Citi. Click below for that.

(From what I've seen for myself and heard from some fans, the biggest problem is not that some parts of the outfield cannot be seen from many seats. It is the even more annoying stairways leading to the upper part of the promenade. Between the railings, Plexiglas and passing pedestrians, many fans' views of home plate itself are marred.)Here is 13,000 Less Affordable Seats' take:

I walked Citi fields upper deck tonight with a map of the park trying to figure out where the "blind spot" problems occur. 19 out of the 38 sections offer compromised views of the field, getting incrementally worse as you get closer to the foul pole. On the left field side it begins in Section 524 where just left field corner disappears. Section 525 a little more of the wall disappears. I wouldn't want a ticket in 526 or anywhere beyond. It's the same story in right beginning at 504. Look at a map and you'll see how many seats this effects.

The 19 sections in between 524 and 504 are the only sections in the upper deck that offer fans a full view of the field, where you can't miss any of the action. They're more expensive.

These are just the "blind spot" seats. I'm not even going to get into the "obstructed view" seats. Complaints will pour in on this place for as long as people remember Shea. Anyone who hasn't been there yet should reserve their opinion until they walked the top deck.

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