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'Friday Night Lights' is favorite of Newsday readers

fnl.htmMany thanks to all who voted, commented and e-mailed regarding last Friday's column about sports-themed TV shows.

There weren't as many votes as polls about hot-button personalities such as Suzyn Waldman or Mike Francesa, but still, pretty darn good.

"Friday Night Lights" won the (unscientific) poll for best sports-themed, fictional TV show with 26.4 percent of the vote, followed by "Sports Night" with 19.5, "Coach" with 18.5 and "White Shadow" with 13.1.

Two things stood out in the many e-mails and comments regarding FNL:

One, an amazing number of middle-aged geezers enjoy the show even though it primarily focuses on drama among high schoolers. (Or at least twentysomething actors who play high schoolers.)

Two, fans of the show believe it is very important that I and others considering watching it understand it is really about relationships and only peripherally about sports.

Fair enough. I'd watch it in October if I had DirecTV, but I guess I'll have to check it out in February on NBC.

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