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Funny Cide bringing up rear in celebrity bracket picks

(Credit: Watchdog)

Funny Cide is trailing the field in our Off the Glass blog's inaugural bracket challenge for local sports personalities.

I was rooting for the big guy, what with him going with Cornell over Missouri in the first round.

Not that I'm doing much better than him, even with a brain that unlike Funny Cide's is larger than a walnut. (I think.)

I'm in the 28th percentile in Newsday's March Melee, the 31st in Yahoo's men's contest and the 13th in ESPN's women's contest.

Not that all is lost at WatchDog headquarters. One of the pups was among the 9,423 (4.7 percent) of entrants in ESPN's contest to pick Ball State over Tennessee.

She's one of 49 (0.02 percent) to pick Ball State to win it all.

Only five victories to go!

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