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Gary Carter: still talking . . .

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News flash: Gary Carter still is talking . . .

This time Monday on XM Satellite Radio, seeking to clarify his controversial remarks on Sirius Satellite Radio Friday regarding the Mets' not-currently-open managerial position.

Turns out it was all the New York media's fault.

Click below for the details courtesy of XM.Gary Carter was a guest on a special edition of Baseball this Morning with Holden Kushner and Mel Antonen. He clarified his recent comments on about his interest in the New York Mets managerial position, brief tenure managing in the Mets minor league system, belief he would not have an opportunity under Omar Minaya’s regime, loss of his former franchise in Montreal, and state of his retired number with what was the former Montreal Expos.

"I’m not campaigning for anything. I was simply asked a question. The media creates this. It came out on ESPN that Willie’s (Randolph) job was in jeopardy and that there were names mentioned and the names were Jerry Manuel, who is presently the bench coach, and Jim Fregosi’s name. But my name, somewhere in that mix, came up and I was just simply asked the question. I’ve got a job here and I am managing the Orange County Flyers. It was asked, 'Would you be interested (in the Mets managerial job)?' I said, 'Well, yeah.' I’m out here in California. I have a contract that calls for, if I get an opportunity at the Major League level whether as a manager or coach, I can leave but my job is here and I’m giving 110% to the job. Willie is the manager, and as far as I’m concerned he can be the manager for the next twenty years."

-Gary Carter’s response when asked if he was “campaigning for the Mets managerial position.”

"I was with the Mets organization for six years, the last job I had was with the ‘06 Port St Lucie Mets where we won a championship. I made the mistake of not going to Binghamton. That was my offer. The Mets did offer that. It wasn’t a matter that I wanted the guarantee as much as a reassurance that if this is something you are leaning toward (moving me up in the organization). I just simply wanted to know, am I being considered? Was I campaigning for Willie’s job? Absolutely not! They asked whether I was interested and yeah, I’d be interested in any big league job. Willie’s the Manager, and I hope the Mets can turn it around, and if they do, I hope they go on to win the World Series."

-Gary Carter comments on his tenure managing in the Mets minor league system.

"Of course the New York media will blow it up that way. It was one simple question, 'Will you be interested?' I said, 'Well yeah, if something happens' I didn’t say,'Oh, gosh, yeah I’m campaigning, and I want that job!' Knowing the way that the Mets are anyway and the regime that is in place with Omar Minaya, I don’t even think there is going to be a chance if anything happens with Willie. I think the next guy in line is Jerry Manuel."

-Gary Carter on his belief that he would not have a chance to manage the New York Mets under Omar Minaya if the position was open.

"I was in the organization and I feel in some ways that I am a bit disenfranchised because my Montreal Expos, that I played for 11 years and broadcasted for four years, moved on to Washington and they didn’t take any of their history with them. In fact, Aaron Boone is wearing the number that was retired for me in Montreal. The Expos are no longer, and the Mets, when I made the choice in ’07 not to go and manage in Binghamton, I am not associated with anybody, that’s why I’m managing in Independent ball I guess."

-Gary Carter on his feeling of being disenfranchised since the Montreal Expos moved to Washington.

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