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Gary Carter, talking again about Mets job! No, really!

garagiola.htmUh, oh. Gary Carter spoke again this morning on ESPN Radio's "Mike and Mike," meaning I have to add another post to this one and this one.

Oy. Carter reiterated much of what he said to XM Satellite Radio Monday about how the campaigning-for-Willie's-job thing was blown out of proportion and that he supports and roots for Willie, etc.

What was new was him addressing the on-air comments by former teammate Keith Hernandez Sunday in which Hernandez called him "unconscious."

"I don't have any comments. Keith's entitled to say whatever he wants to, especially when he's on the air and working for the Mets. Again, I think this thing was taken out of context. It wasn't intended to be malicious in any which way or trying to campaign or anything else, guys. I think you know me better than that.

"I'm very grateful to have had the opportunity of playing for the Mets those five years and obviously of winning a World Series for them in '86 and Keith being a teammate. To me he was the greatest first baseman I've played with. There always are going to be things that get stirred up, and I know the press is notorious for that, and it's unfortunate. Whatever Keith said, he's entitled to freedom of speech and God bless him.

"I still consider him a great teammate, and again, for his sake and for the Mets organization, I hope that things can get turned around, because I follow them every day and I appreciated my opportunity in the organization, not only as a player but then as a coach and manager and I ultimately made the decision to not go to Binghamton [to manage].

"It's a mistake on my part. I wish I had it all over to do again and I wish I was back in the organization but with that being said, again, I'm out here in Fullerton trying to do the best job I can for the [Orange County] Flyers and really, now, that's all I'm thinking about."

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