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General newspaper sports columnists are an anachronism

I read this piece in the NY Observer a week or so ago but forgot to link to it here.

It's an important and interesting topic, so better late than never.

It's about the anachronism that is the general newspaper sports columnist.

Sorry, general newspaper sports columnists of the past, present and (not so much) future, but I pretty much agree with everything The New York Times sports editor said about the role's time having come and gone, and have felt that way for several years now.

This opinion has nothing to do with the many talented people who hold or have held such jobs - i.e. former Newsday columnists Shaun Powell and Johnette Howard - but rather it is about the job itself.

(Former Times baseball scribe Murray Chass offers a strong opposing view here.)

Now I just have to figure out what I'm supposed to aspire to in the remaining years of my career . . . Fishing columnist, maybe?

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