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George Carlin's cat nearly gave (one) life to Dodgers

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OK, this will be my last post of the day in tribute to George Carlin. It's an exchange he had with Bob Costas on HBO on June 13, 2002, about being a Dodgers fan on Oct. 3, 1951.

(The question I have is why he was listening to Russ Hodges on the Giants broadcast rather than Red Barber on the Dodgers station. But it's too late for me to ask George now.)

Bob Costas: “You grew up as a Brooklyn Dodger fan. Where were you when Bobby Thomson hit the home run that broke all of Brooklyn’s heart in ’51?”

George Carlin: “I was sitting at home listening on a little Crosly Radio and I had my little cat in my hand, a little kitten, it was a black cat and I named him Ezzard, after Ezzard Charles, who I think had beaten (Joe) Walcott earlier that year.”

Bob Costas: “He was heavyweight champion of the world.”

George Carlin: “Right. So I had Ezzard in my lap, and I love animals and I’m not cruel to them at all but when Bobby Thomson hit that home run and I heard Russ Hodges describing it, I tossed the cat. I didn’t throw him in a mean way, I tossed him in disgust, and I looked over and saw him heading for the window, an open window and we had two stories, plus the backyard in the apartment house. So it was a three-story drop. Fortunately for Ezzard, the curtains were there. He grabbed the curtains, then swung out over the yard, and swung back in and I went and got him.”

Bob Costas: “He had the good claws.”

George Carlin: “Yeah, he has the good claws, he had good hands. And he lived.”

(One more thing about Carlin: Yes, I was watching "Saturday Night Live" when he hosted the first show, on Oct. 11, 1975. Sigh.)

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