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George Steinbrenner recalls Murcer in Sporting News

Hank Steinbrenner has been a Sporting News columnist for several months, but now his father has joined the family side business, contributing an article in the current edition that has a section recalling sports figures who died in 2008.

Click for excerpts from The Boss' remembrance of Bobby Murcer.On comparisons to Mickey Mantle: “When Bobby started out and then succeeded Mickey Mantle, many people likened him to No. 7. And there were similarities. They were both from Oklahoma, both played center field, and both had that all-American look. They had great personalit ies and great competitive spirit and desire. In the end, of course, Bobby was very much his own player with his own image. He was great on his own account. He didn’t have to live up to anybody else.”

On how Murcer handled playing in New York: “Some players don’t react well to the pressure of being a Yankee — the intense media coverage, the enormous reaction from the stands, on the streets, even in restaurants. Bobby never let it get to him.”

On one of his favorite Murcer memories: “I remember when he spoke at Thurman Munson’s funeral, a sad moment for everybody. And I remember how touching it was to hear Bobby talk about his friend. He played in the game afterward, and he hit a home run.”

On Murcer’s legacy: “When I think about Bobby, his image comes up with the other great ones, the giants of baseball. I’ve had lots of wonderful players over the years. I’d say Bobby Murcer was right up there in the top tier. He was definitely one of my superstars.”

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