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Giants announce details of PSL plan for new stadium

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The Giants in the next few days will begin mailing season ticket holders the details of the personal seat license sale for their new stadium, set to open in 2010.

The mailings will roll out in phases through February. Applications must be returned by an assigned date on the mailings, with 20 percent of the cost due at that time. Another 40 percent of the payment is due Aug. 1, 2009, and the remaining 40 percent on March 1, 2010.

The Giants say the average ticket price in the new stadium - that's on top of PSLs, folks - will be $112 for the 69,000 non-Club seats. Including Club seats, the figure will rise to $157.

(The Jets still have not announced their PSL plans. UPDATE: Now they have. They are doing it. Details to come next month.)

Read Friday's newspaper for all the gory details, but here is a sneak peak at the breakdown of PSL prices:

Coach's Club: 2,113 seats, 2.7 percent of stadium, $700 ticket, $20,000 PSL

Field 1: 2,049 seats, 2.6 percent, $160 ticket, $20,000 PSL

Field 2: 7,760 seats, 9.9 percent, $140 ticket, $10,000 PSL

Field 3: 19,732 seats, 25.2 percent, $120 ticket, $5,000 PSL

Mezzanine Club A: 3,052 seats, 3.9 percent, $500 ticket, $12,500 PSL

Mezzanine Club B: 4,033 seats, 5.1 percent, $400 ticket, $7,500 PSL

Mezzanine: 10,905 seats, 13.9 percent, $120 ticket, $4,000 PSL

Loge: 2,625 seats, 3.3 percent, $105 ticket, $5,000 PSL

Terrace 1: 14,388 seats, 18.3 percent, $95 ticket, $1,000 PSL

Terrace 2: 11,719 seats, 15.0 percent, $85 ticket, $1,000 PSL

The Giants' Web site has charts and stuff.

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