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Giants fans make WatchDog (and others) look stupid

(Credit: Watchdog)

I'll probably write something about this in my next newspaper column, but no sense waiting for that:

Giants fans Saturday night made me and many other people look silly for spending the week obsessing over Patriots fans snapping up tickets from old, cranky Giants season ticket holders and turning the Meadowlands into Gillette South.

As it turned out . . . not! Patriots fans seemed to be in 20 percent or so of the seats, at best.

The Giants' fans' truly remarkable effort matched that of their team, creating as electric a regular-season atmosphere as I've seen at the soon-to-be-demolished old ballyard. (The spectacular weather surely helped.)

Kudos to all of you, or whomever those loud, young, enthused, perhaps inebriated people were who were standing in front of your regular seats.

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