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Giants/Jets naming rights options dry up with economy

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Dang, I'm starting to almost feel bad for the Jets and Giants, what with being stuck looking for a stadium sponsor in an environment in which banks, insurance companies, auto makers, airlines, newspapers, media companies and outfits who were cozy with Nazis all pretty much are out of the mix.

What now? Beer always sells well during recessions, especially cheap beer, and Bud, Miller and Coors already are in the naming rights business. I don't know, though. Genesee Cream Ale Park? Doesn't have a ring to it.

I have it: An inexpensive food product that is selling better than ever, is made in America and even has dual meanings, one old school and one hinting at the high tech vibe the teams are looking for in their new yard:

Spam Stadium!

Chew over that for a few hours while I write my Sunday newspaper column.

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