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Giants sell out non-club PSLs, but not priciest ones

My newspaper column includes an item on the Giants' announcement that they have sold out personal seat licenses for their non-club seats.

That's nice, but the fact remains they are down to 40,000th or so on their season ticket waiting list and still have high-priced PSLs to sell.

(The Jets are not as far along in their process as the Giants, but their top-end PSLs are going to be a very tough slog as well.)

For many, the deal-breaker is not only the $7,500 to $20,000 price of the remaining PSLs, but the fact they come with game tickets priced at $400 to $700.

I think I'm around No. 60,000 on the Giants' list, so I soon might have a decision to make. I might take them up on the offer, frankly.

I just have to convince Mrs. W and the pups that the need for college is overrated. I could have saved my mother a lot of dough by drinking Genesee Cream Ale, playing hockey and watching HBO at home for four years rather than paying tuition to do all that in Ithaca.

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