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Greatest moment in National Spelling Bee history

(Credit: Watchdog)

Really, it is impossible to describe the classic sequence in Friday's Scripps National Spelling Bee and do it justice in mere text.

Only video will suffice. I assume the YouTubers and/or ABC itself will have it up by morning.

It involves eventual champion Sameer Mishra and a miscommunication too hilarious to believe . . . featuring a word I'm not even sure I'm allowed to write here, but that (unlike Sameer) I do know how to spell.

Plus a big bonus: a bluntly frank post-incident interview conducted by Erin Andrews herself.

Sameer, you deserved that championship in more ways than one. Well done, sir.

(If someone who stays up later than me finds the video in the wee hours, please link to it in the comments section. Thanks.)

UPDATE: There now is a link to the original incident in the comments section below, but I still need the Erin interview that followed it. When ESPN/ABC posts both segments I will ditch the YouTube link and change it to a (legal) one on their Web site(s).

ANOTHER UPDATE: Now there is a link in the comments section that includes the Erin interview.

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