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Hank Steinbrenner believes America is Yankees Nation

According to the Sports Business Daily, an article on the Steinbrenner family that is to appear in this weekend's New York Times "Play" magazine will include the following quote from reigning SportsWatch New York Sports Media Person of the Year Hank Steinbrenner:

"'Red Sox Nation?' What a bunch of ---- that is. That was a creation of the Red Sox and ESPN, which is filled with Red Sox fans. Go anywhere in America and you won’t see Red Sox hats and jackets, you’ll see Yankee hats and jackets. This is a Yankee country."

Yikes! (Actually, there are quite a few Red Sox fans at the campus in Bristol.)

UPDATE: Here's a statement from ESPN: "Fans of all teams work at ESPN - Yankees, Red Sox, Cubs, Braves, Dodgers, etc. Our ratings have consistently shown that both the Yankees and Red Sox enjoy national followings."

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