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Hank Williams Jr. speaks, alas

The first rule of being a public figure is this: When considering referencing Hitler, don't.

Hank Williams Jr. violated it in a big way the other day on Fox News, and ESPN rightly yanked his famous introductory song from "Monday Night Football" this week.

Williams apologized Tuesday, as he should have.

Now what, though? It would not surprise anyone if Disney-owned ESPN separated itself from Mr. Williams forever.

But a lifetime ban would be overdoing it in reaction to a clumsy political statement on a 24-hour cable news channel.

I'd be fine with him returning next week, and fine with him disappearing for the rest of this season then returning in 2012.

Permanent banishment, though? No. He's just a guy singing a song.

USA Today's Mike Hiestand has another view.

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