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HBO updates Jorge Posada's son

HBO's "Real Sports" debuting Tuesday features an update on a 2003 piece about Jorge Posada's son, Jorge IV, and his struggles with craniosynostosis, a condition that causes malformation of the skull. Now 9 and after many surgeries, Posada's son is doing very well, thank you.

Bill Simmons bids adieu to ESPN The Magazine with a tribute to his father.

Sports Business Journal reports the Arena Football League - including Our Dragons - is considering bankruptcy, is $14 million in debt and might have to delay the start of its 2010 season until June, if there is a 2010 season.

Sorry about slow blogging pace. I'm just marking time until our Web relaunch later this week. Not sure I'm supposed to say exactly when, in case it's delayed.

There will be good things about it (better integration of blog posts and stories/columns), bad things about it (less interesting pictures) and good news/bad news things about it (a registration-based commenting system).

As for the new look, that will be a matter of personal preference. Some of you will love it and others will hate it. I think it looks kinda cool.

Stay tuned, as they say in the newspaper cliche business!

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