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Hines Ward questions Big Ben

Quint Aaron and Sandra Bullock are shown in

Quint Aaron and Sandra Bullock are shown in a scene from "The Blind Side" (2009). (Credit: Warner Bros. via AP )

Please bear with me this week as most of my time is consumed with my newspaper duties and while I learn to use a new laptop.

The old one crashed to the floor at my brother-in-law's house Thursday, hours before another crash near Orlando that received far more media attention.

NASCAR ratings are down.

Charlie Weis blew off the media after his final game at Notre Dame. Typical. See ya.

"The Blind Side," the best movie ever made about a left tackle, has passed $100 million in box office receipts, stunning its studio.

The atmosphere at the sold-out Garden for Saturday's 3-3 tie between Cornell and Boston University was fantastic, and suggests New York should host more college hockey events.

The highlight of the weekend studio shows was Bob Costas' sitdown with Hines Ward, which yielded this verbal hand grenade lobbed into the Steelers' locker room:

"This game is almost like a playoff game. It's almost a must-win. I could see some players or teammates questioning, like, 'It's just a concussion. I've played with a concussion before.'

"It's almost like a 50-50 toss up in the locker room. Should he play? Shouldn't he play? It's really hard to say. I've been out there dinged up, the following week, got right back out there. Ben practiced all week. He split time with Dennis Dixon. And then to find out that he's still having some headaches and not playing and it came down to the doctors didn't feel that they were going to clear him or not.

" It's hard to say. Unless you're the person itself. I've lied to a couple of doctors saying I'm straight, I feel good when I know that I'm not really straight. I don't think guys really worry about the future while they're playing currently in the NFL.

"Trust me, the players want to go out there because these games you don't get back. You're never going to get this Baltimore-Pittsburgh game back. This is a big game. Unfortunately, Ben can't play, so the 53 other guys have to rally the team and see if we can win one down here."

Photo: Warner Bros.


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