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Howard Cosell really, really liked to talk on TV

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Billy Crystal was supposed to be one of ESPN's booth guests Sunday night, but he couldn't make it because of an illness in his family.

I was reminded of that when I heard Tony Kornheiser doing a Howard Cosell imitation Monday night that was not in Crystal's league.

Cosell himself got air time Sunday night during clips ESPN showed of the 1976 ALCS and 1977 World Series. I also heard Cosell recently on the game Bobby Murcer won singlehandedly after Thurman Munson's funeral in 1979.

On each occasion, not only did Cosell talk over any attempts by his play-by-play man to describe the scene, he kept talking over dramatic pictures themselves, something no 21st century announcer would do in a situation like that.

Jon Miller and Joe Morgan barely spoke during the ninth inning Sunday, or during the postgame celebration that followed.

Sorry, Howard. Just telling it like it is.

(By the way, I know many of you are not Morgan fans, but I thought it was kind of cool when he said he was rooting for the Yankees in the 1976 ALCS so he could play at Yankee Stadium in the World Series.)

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