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I believe in miracles: Berman lets Michaels speak

(Credit: Watchdog)

Hey, is ESPN trying to make me look bad or something?

I wrote an item in my Friday newspaper column complaining about Chris Berman voicing over the clips in the "Greatest Highlight" feature on SportsCenter rather than using the original calls.

Then this morning I saw the clip of the 1980 Olympic squad's victory over the Soviets (28 years ago today!), and ESPN did play Al Michaels' famous line as the clock expired. Hmm.

Later, though, Berman, not Jack Buck, talked over Kirk Gibson's 1988 World Series home run, so I guess the column item still is valid.

More posts to come on this snowy Friday, but I am determined to finish my Sunday newspaper column first.

(Bonus WatchDog kudos to the first reader who identifies what this picture has to do with anything.)

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