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Is the ballad of Mike and Chris finally nearing a finale?

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I've heard from three people in the industry this Tuesday that the end of the Mike Francesa/Chris Russo saga appears to be drawing close, and the basics have not changed lately. Chris is likely to land at Sirius for big dough, and Mike is likely to carry on without him, also for big dough.

Sirius evidently might even give Russo his own channel!

It never bothered me when the athletes I interviewed made many times more money than me, but I admit it - it's sometimes a little strange and depressing writing about sports media figures who make many times more money than me.

Sigh.(Sorry to have confused some readers by writing two versions of this item today. Originally I mentioned I heard Aug. 1 could be a milestone date by which stuff could be wrapped up. Took it out in a later version when I added another sentence. Nothing sinister intended! The fact readers care enough about this story to be dissecting every word I write is a sign of the high interest level, and that it's time for me to stop fueling the frenzy until I have substantive news. Yikes!)

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