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It's Joe Torre's book, sort of, but Tom Verducci wrote it

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A mini-critique of the Joe Torre book before I share more of the information in it:

The unusual structure, in which Tom Verducci writes as if doing his own book with cooperation from Joe Torre, allows him to cover topics not directly related to Torre, and also provides Torre cover for those critical of him for sharing opinions and private meetings.

The problem with the format:

In a traditional autobiography, no one would expect Torre to give more than his side. But because it reads like a traditional journalistic work, it seems odd that Verducci does not offer more from the other side of some stories, notably from Alex Rodriguez and Brian Cashman.

It helps that Verducci, formerly of Newsday, is a respected reporter and writer.

Still, he at times lapses into overwriting as he tells the tales of the great Yankees of 1996-2001.

For example, this sentence about the back-to-back comebacks at Yankee Stadium during the '01 World Series:

"What happened over the next two nights is the stuff of legend, an Americanized King Arthur tale of such improbability that the passage of centuries might leave open to debate its historical accuracy."

Yikes! Imagine if the Yankees actually had won the Series!

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