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J-E-T-$, Jets, Jets, Jets!

Memorial flag for September 11 prior to the

Memorial flag for September 11 prior to the Dallas Cowboys at the New York Jets at MetLife Stadium. (Sept. 11, 2011) (Credit: Lee S. Weissman)

Team Marketing Report is out with its latest data on NFL ticket prices and fan cost index - figures teams often dispute but that sportswriters can't resist disseminating.

We enjoy writing about lists of questionable validity the way infants enjoy shiny objects.

It turns out Our Jets now are No. 1 in the NFL in both average non-premium ticket cost ($120.85) and fan cost index ($623.40).

The latter figure covers an assortment of standard costs involved with taking a family of four to an NFL game to hear drunk 22-year-olds yell mean things about the opposing team's quarterback. Or to use a stun gun on you.

Anyway, the Jets supplanted the Patriots from the top spot in ticket price, with New England holding steady at $117.84.

In the FCI division, the Jets knocked the Cowboys out of first place. Cowboys games average a mere $613.80 for a family of four.

The Giants? Not much cheaper. TMR said their average ticket price is $111.69 and their FCI is $592.26.

The Browns had the cheapest average ticket at $54.20 and the Jaguars the lowest FCI at $319.06.

In the premium tickets division, the Patriots were No. 1 at $566.67 per, followed by the Giants at $464.75.

TMR said the average cost of a 17-ounce beer in an NFL stadium rose to $7.20 from $6.90 last year.

Oh, my. I can buy several weeks worth of Genny Cream Ale for that price at my local adult beverages store.

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